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Painted Leather Earrings
Silver tassel earrings with Glenn and Glenn top
Crystal Chokers
Hexagon Necklace
Long Drop Necklace
Hammered Herkimer Earrings



Three arrows Boutique has been a life long dream come to fruition. I have been creating pieces of jewelry out of small natural object since I was a small child. I so love that now I get to share them with the world.



When I was seven I moved from my hometown in Colorado to New Zealand. I lived on an organic fruit farm with my parents and my younger brother. We played in the orchards of peaches, and asian pears and down by the river. The pacific ocean was not far away, with stunning green rolling hills in between. I loved being in nature and was fascinated by rocks, crystals and geodes that I found. We moved back to Colorado after a year and a half of traveling on through Australia, Thailand and China. I went back into the Waldorf School, which was perfect for nurturing my creative side. My favorite thing was theatre and working with my hands. I later studied Costume Design at Marymount Manhattan and am presently co-managing a Costume and Clothing shop in Boulder, CO where I have worked off and on for the past 20 years. I love the fanciful side of costuming and I bring that out in my design. Other travels and adventures came during and after including marriage and two children. My kids like to work with their hands as well. We are always into something. 
How did I get started? My brother brought me beads back from Thailand a few years ago and I realized that I had been collecting treasures all along the way and that I had everything I needed to make a few necklaces. About a year ago, I got into it and realized it was still a great outlet for my creativity. Completely self taught, my designs reveal themselves as I work. I'm inspired by natural materials and give them a modern twist with my tools.
Emily Luebcke



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